Wall Street Focus Group Review – Is Scam Free Software or Not?

Are you looking for the detailed review of Wall Street Focus Group? Then let me tell you it is one of the most dangerous scam systems which is filled with empty promises and filthy popularity that has been growing in the market. Now in this review, I shall be providing you all the information about the so-called scam system and also a few lists about the legitimate automated trading software as to how it actually works in the Binary Options Trading. This kind of software can definitely make you money by luring you with luxurious life, but when you come across with this scam system, it is not so safe to invest your money with them. Check Wall Street Focus Group Review below.

Wall Street Focus Group is the new scam system that has been successful in catching the attention of the new traders, but they are doing their great job in luring the people with fake claims. They will keep on bragging about the software claiming to be the genuine one and by getting you profit of $796 per day, but these are all lie who is trying to attract the people. The two owners, David Lombardi and Jimmy Russo of the Wall Street Focus Group also try to claim that whoever joins their software that person will be earning a huge amount of $381 to $796 per day. Not only this, the software can give an 84% winning trade which is something impossible in the trading market and to some extent it is a criminal act to steal the money.

Wall Street Focus Group Review –  What Do I Think All About?

Wall Street Focus Group Review


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Wall Street Focus Group is an automated system which is an efficient Binary Options trading tool designed to steal the money of the innocent people. Now if you are having a doubt about Wall Street Focus Group software whether it is a scam or legit then not to worry I am here to discuss everything that you need to know about this software. Well, to say it is scam software, by looking at the look of the website it seems to be the fraud software.

This software claims to be the 100% guaranteed software but all of these are fake claims which can be easily exposed by looking at their promotional video. According to the promotional video I have found that there are two presenters who also claims to be the CEO of the software who keep on bragging about the software and showing the fake live trades which is not related to the real trading. In order to help you from this scam, I have investigated few pieces of evidence that can help you to make differentiate between a scam and legit software.

The Two CEOs of the Wall Street Focus Group with Their Fake Identity!!

According to the video we got to know that two people claim to be the owners- Mr. David Lombardi and Jimmy Russo. They said that they were financially broken before they knew anything about trading but once they decided to start trading using the automated software everything has just changed starting from their lifestyle to making more money. It has earned them millions over $137 and now it will also make money for others too.

Wall Street Focus Group

But we all know who will ever say a bad thing about their software as every scammer wants to promote it to make more money for them and will definitely try to make it the genuine one in order to attract more traders.

Wall Street Focus Group Scam

Moreover, all these are a scam artist who is found in every scam system pretending to be the owner of that system.So I would suggest you not to get attracted in those greedy scammers as it has nothing to give you.

Live Trading Results are the Most Unbelievable Part of the Video:

If you visit their website, you will get to see some kind of live trade results showing off their huge profit in every asset but let me tell you all these are shown only to impress the new traders and make a fool out of it.

Wall Street Focus Group Scam Review

Do you think these profits can ever make in the legitimate automated system? Something beyond expectation that is not possible in the binary options trading platform. They will make all the way to attract you with some unique and interesting tactic but never fall into their trap as these are all cheap and bogus scammers which are not worth enough to trust them.

About the Algorithm: Not Reliable!!!

Well, in the video they haven’t mentioned anything about the algorithm. The only thing is missing is their algorithm. This is something which is very important, that software needs to have in order to run it properly but when I did my research about it, found out that this software is running without any algorithm. In the whole video presentation, they haven’t talked about the software or how does it work. They only talked about how you can make money with the help of this software.

Fake Testimonials: No Reason to Trust!!

The members that you have seen in the promotional video are no one but a scam artist from fiverr.com who is paid in order to promote their software. They have been hired by the scammers to lie about the software.

They keep on bragging about how this software has made their life, really those con artists have done a great job in convincing the people. But I would say not to trust them; they are all con artists and nothing else.

Fake Testimonials

Also, you will find some newbie who is trying to claim that right after joining this software it has changed their life and made huge money. There is a woman named Janice and Lamar who is a truck driver claiming to be the “newbie” in Binary Options, they have earned enough money to support their family with this software just within a short period.

But you will not find them anywhere other than in the scam world and their claims are absolutely fake and intolerable.

Claiming that It has been Running for 4 years:

According to the promotional video, you will find the owner keeps on claiming that his software has been running for the past four years and made a huge profit. But if you go and check the registration date in the domain age checking the website you will find that it has no such thing related to what he is saying.

Wall Street Focus Group - Fake Who.is

It is because when I have investigated about the software I have found the exact registration date which is just recently registered on 2016-11-10. So, there is no point of trusting them as it has been crystal clear that the software is fake and untrustworthy.


As per as I have concerned about Wall Street Focus Group Review, it has no such thing that proofs to be the legitimate software which should be trusted in the Binary Options Trading. Therefore, I would like to say that this software is definitely a scam system. So, if you are planning to put all your money on this scam system, then I would say don’t fall for it. Their main motive is to steal all your money and run away. Avoid in becoming their victim.

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