Satellite Trader Review – Is Scam Free App Or Not Trustworthy?

Satellite Trader is another scams system that has been around nowadays since it is listed in the Binary Options Market.  After watching the video testimonials, the system looks like it can help you make money that claims of making $850 per hour, and also $20,000 in just 24 hours. This is unrealistic and far impossible to make such huge money in an hour or a day. Well, in this article, we shall be exposing all the truth behind this scammy system. So, make sure you read the whole scam review before going forward investing with this suspicious software called Satellite Trader and be safe.

Satellite Trader is new binary options automated trading software. All the contents in the video testimonials and other testimonials are all unrealistic, unfortunately, after I have come across several suspicious reasons while reviewing the system called satellite. The video narrator starts claiming that you have an opportunity to make $850 per hour within the three minutes set of time as soon as you join the system as well as chance to make $20,000 per day. This is a total fraud and unreal that cannot be possible in the practical life to earn $850 per hour easily or $20,000 in just a day.

Satellite Trader Review – Is Scam or Not? Find Out!!

Satellite Trader Review


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The Satellite Trader app is developed and represented by Richard Heffner who starts claiming that it is an automated trading software but the truth is Satellite Trader is not an automated trading robot where you can blindly trust to invest here. Down below I will share you why is Satellite Trader a Scam and not trustworthy. So, stay tuned to know more about this funny software.

Satellite Trader is a Scam – Here is Everything You Need to Know Why!!

There are several scam facts that I have come across while reviewing the scam software along with the proof evidence. So, let’s check out those scam factors so that you are safe from being scammed.

Owner – Fake CEO and Founder!!

In the video presentation, Richard Heffner introduces himself as the CEO and founder of the scam software called Satellite Trader. After watching this unrealistic video, that seems to be offering you good offers, I have a doubt about this software so, I have made a little research about this so-called founder and CEO, Richard Heffner where I have failed to find this person anywhere. So, the question is – Who is he? Well, it is clear that Mr. Richard Heffner the so-called owner is a scam artist and this proves that Satellite Trader is clearly a scam system and not at al recommended for trading with this dangerous system.


In the video testimonials, we have heard him saying several times about the so-called software GPS Trader who is trying to promote the same scam software which has been already into the blacklist recently. So, this system is untrustworthy, and the owner itself is just a paid actor where you cannot afford to trust and invest here blindly.

Chance to Make $850 Per Hour, $20,000 Per Day – Full of Lies!!!

In the video presentation by this scam artist, all we hear is a chance to earn $850 per hour and $20,000 in just 24 hours using this fully automated trading software that will help you to execute in trading on behalf with full 100 percent risk-free. Let me tell you this a complete lie and it is only a dream, but no person can earn such huge amount in just an hour or a day or whatsoever?

Chance to Make $850 per hour

If you also scroll down on the official page of site, you will be able to see the display of facts about the software posted randomly to make it look like professional, but those bogus facts are only to lure the innocent people with their misleading claims.

Satellite Trader Scam Review

Unrealistic FOUR Spots Available for India!!

As you visit the official page of the Satellite Trader website, you will encounter that the system is showing you only four spots left for India to join the software. This very limited spots shown on the website is just to catch the people’s attention and also to draw them towards joining the system immediately. So, we would recommend you to be alert and stay as much as far from this scam software so that you don’t lose your investment.

Satellite Trader Software

Fake Reviews and Testimonials:

The software has several scam factors including the fake reviews and fake testimonials from the random people who are paid enough to tell a lie of this software that has given them a chance change their life by making huge profits using this scam automated trading robot. So, this evidence also proves that Satellite trader is clearly a scam and not reliable at all.

Satellite Trader Software - Fake Reviews

Satellite Trader Shows how it’s Members Making $12,000: Full of Lies!!

The scammers behind this software are trying to show their members are making $12,000 every day. I must tell you this trick is to trap you into their scam software whose main intentions are only to steal your hard earned money from you. And these earnings are unrealistic because even the experienced traders may probably be aware that making $ 12000 daily is not possible. So, this evidence is also another solid reason that Satellite Trader is a complete scam.

Satellite Trader APP

Website Registration: Scam Exposed!!

We have also made a thorough review of the software after finding it doubtful, and to my surprise, the website is just registered a few days back which means Satellite Trader software is registered on 2016-11-10, so how can we just trust the software for investing here. I must tell you, investing your money here is high risk but must avoid.

Satellite Trader App Fake Website

Conclusion – Satellite Trader App is a Scam!!

The evidence shown in the above are enough to confirmed that satellite Trader is 100% proven scam where those scammers designed the system to drain your account as soon as you deposit. I hope you have now come to a realization about the scammer’s main intention behind in creating the software. Therefore, I would recommend you to use money in the proven and trusted Binary Options market other than investing in this fraudulent software so-called automated trading tool. Overall, Satellite Trader App is a bogus software.

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