Rubix Project Review – Is Scam System or Worth of Money?

Binary options are one of most valuable trading platforms in the world, in it, people can earn a decent amount of money by trading. There are many automated trading software available in this platform, some of them are legit, and some are a scam. But all of these software’s does many kinds of stuff to make a legit image in front of the traders so that they can attract traders. Recently when I was searching for a new software, I found Rubix Project trending on the Internet. Check Rubix Project Review below.

When you will visit the website of the Rubix Project there, you will find the video testimonial playing automatically. In that testimonial video, the owner of this software will introduce himself and will show you how his software works both, manually and automatically. He shows that anybody can earn $12,835 automatically through this software. Then he has shown us his office, staffs and the clients who are benefited from his software.

When you go through his video deeply, you will notice that he has done everything to show his software authentic. So due to that much of promises and claims made by him, I decided to Review Rubix Project, below I will show you whether Rubix Project is a Scam or Legit?


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Rubix Project Review – Is Scam or Legit? Find Out!!

Rubix Project Review

Rubix Project is a 100% scam software. When I investigated about this automated trading software, I had gone through the video testimonial carefully, and I did look out for evidence. The man Bryan Morgan proclaiming himself as the CEO of Rubix Project is a fake person.

Everything that he was narrating about himself is fake, the kind of amount he has shown that one can earn is impossible. That kind of automated software doesn’t exist in the world. The kind of luxuries life he has portrayed in the video is not possible to earn in binary options in such less amount of time.

The staffs are all formerly worked or studied in reputed companies or institutions; no staffs are there from normal college or company. The clients he has shown are also faking their identities in this video. All this acting and hard works are done by the owners of this software are to attract traders. These unrealistic claims are made so that it can trap traders to invest in their software. They are just frauds who are trying to rip off the hard earned cash of the traders. In the Rubix Project Review, I am going to give some important evidence or facts to prove this software as Scam.

Rubix Project is 100% Scam Software – Some Handful of Evidence:

As you can assume from the above written that this Rubix Project is Scam software and the main motive of this software is to loot traders for their own benefit. These so-called frauds will not stop until you people stop investing in this software. As I have mentioned that I have listed out some of the important evidence and they are as follows.

Unidentified Owner – A Scam Actor:

In the testimonial video of Rubix Project, you will get introduced to the CEO Brian Morgan. This man proclaims himself as the founder and CEO of this company. But when I investigated about him, I found that he is just an actor who does this kind of scam videos for a handful of money. And also when I searched about him on the Internet, I found no information about him as the owner or CEO of Company.


Then I tried to trace him on social media, but I came out empty handed without any information. That means that this guy was faking everything because it is not possible that a guy with that much reputation and luxury didn’t have any information on the internet.

Unrealistic Money – Crappy Way to Trap Traders:

In the video testimonial, the fake CEO of this company has promised that you can earn up to $10000 per day through it. And he has also shown us how he has earned $94 in the manual mode of the software; he has also shown you that how you can earn $10000 with the automatic mode of the software in a couple of hours. But as you know this kind of unrealistic earning is not possible with binary options trading. These huge earnings are possible only in dreams but not in binary options.


Fake Clients –You Can Call them Fraudsters:

In the video testimonial the owner introduces us with two of the clients, the male client was present with him in the office, and the female client was connecting with Skype. Both of the clients has told us about the incredible experience with Rubix Project and the kind of money they have earned that has changed their life.


But just like the CEO Brian Morgan, these clients are also actors who are doing this kind of stuff for a handful of money. I also wasn’t able to find any kind of trace about them on the internet or anywhere else. So you can trust clients whose identity doesn’t have any kind of information nor was any proof found.

Fraud Software – Just a False Face:

The CEO Brian Morgan has shown us the steps of using his software both manually and automatically. In the manual mode the software has earned him $94, and in the automatic mode, it has earned him $10000 in just a couple of hours. But the frauds don’t know that it is impossible to predict with 100% efficiency with any trading software. The binary options trading has some statistical ratio and formats which makes it near to impossible to predict with that much efficiency. So from this, you can assume that this software is just a face to trap traders.


Rubix Project is a scam software that you should not invest in. And from the above-written proofs, you can understand that every promise made by them is fake and the kind of money involved with this software is unrealistic. The clients are also actors like the CEO, so there is no way the company or the software can be authentic. Everything was a setup that was made to trap people for investing in their software. These are just frauds who are playing tricks for getting benefitted from your hard-earned cash. So I believe that there should not be any doubt regarding this Software.

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