Binary Options Trading Strategy – Learn the Basics Before Trading

Wondering how to get started with binary trading, Well if you are a newbie then we would like to inform you that you have landed on the right page. In this post, we are going to cover up all the basics you will require for getting started with binary options trading.

The best part about binary options trading is that you don’t need any kind of help from the third party; all you need is a good trading platform, and you are good to go. Moreover, you would be glad to know that since its launch back in 2008, binary options trading has become the top choice of not only common people but also of professional traders. Moreover, the reason behind its huge success is the potential of the amount of money a person can make using binary options trading.

What is Binary Options Trading? – How to Trade?:

Binary Options Trading


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Most of you might be still thinking why it is called binary options trading. Well the logic behind that is pretty simple, as you know the word ‘binary’  means either 0 or 1, so in this trading format, you will find most of the trading platform offering two options ‘High/ Put’ or ‘Low/ Down’.

So, for making a trade, you will need to deposit an amount & then choose an asset. After that, either select ‘High’ or ‘Low’, for example, let’s just say you want to trade on an asset like Gold. So next you have to know or just predict whether the price of the gold will be going up or going low in the coming future, and depending on that, you have to   choose either ‘High’ or ‘Low’, and after that select a time frame like 60 seconds, 30 minute or 1 hour.

If after the time limit gets over, your prediction is correct then you will not only get back the money you invested, in addition to that, you will get a bonus amount. Just, for instance, think that you had invested $ 100 & the bonus was 80 %, so after the selected timeframe gets over, you will $ 100 + $ 80, a total of $ 180. However, if your prediction is wrong you will lose your money. But don’t worry there are several online trading platforms who not only lets you trade, but they also offer educational training, webinars, dedicated account manager, demo account and many other features which make sure that you don’t lose your money on trades.

Trading Options:

Trading Options

Apart from offering ‘High/Low’ options trading, most of the binary online brokers also provide One Touch Trading, 30 seconds trading, etc. Out of all of them, ‘High/ Low’ & ‘One Touch” trading options are considered to be most common ones.


Assets Index

The main ingredient of binary trading is assets, and this is how you make money in the trading industry. Usually, assets are categorized into four options- Commodities, Stocks, Currency pairs, & Indices.

Recommended Binary Options Brokers:

If you want to get started with binary options trading then here are some top binary options brokers, which you should get started with.


Note- Whenever, you select a binary option broker make sure that they are regulated brokers, transparent, offer a good set of education tools, & last but not the least make sure they offer a demo account, because, without a demo account, you will not have any kind of insight before you start trading in real world.


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