Binary Options Scams List – How to identify a Scam System

Binary Options trading is a popular platform for online traders. This platform is also called as Put or Call trade. Though this is an attractive and good platform for trading and making real cash from online. But there is also overloaded scammers and system; those are ruining the name of binary options trading.

Agree or not; money is one of the essential need for healthy living and everyone. Most of the new traders think making money online easy but in reality, it is not. I am saying this because there are a lot of scammers and money hunger. They are launching cheap and fake system or automated trading software; those are not really useful for your trading. In fact, you will be losing money.

So regarding this, I have decided to let you know how to determined a fake system when you into the binary options trading. And this is very important to know if are thinking to trade in the binary options trading or already in the binary options trading.


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Binary Options Scams List

Why Should You BE Careful In Trading?

As I have told you, there are a lot of scammer and fake claimers in the trading market. Specially, in the binary options trading, you will see oversaturated scammers with their fake system because binary options trading platform is a crown and favorite platform for most online traders. So there is no doubt, thousands of newcomers choose this track for making real cash. Hence, most of the scammers try to hack your money and come with fake trading solution so-called automated trading software. There are also a lot of scam broker, who look so good to be genuine, but they are nothing to help you in trading.

They are all meant for stealing your money so that you should be careful. Majorly, they target to the new users and if you are new in the binary options trading then just be serious while choosing any trading system.

How To Identify A Scam System?

Top of else, you have come to know what’s there is a lot of chances to lose your hard earning money, as most of the automated trading solution turning out as scam system. So that, it is better to review your trading system on your own. To know how to identify scammers and fake system, I will be acknowledging you to determined by yourself. So below is the process to identify a scam system from binary options trading.

First of all go the official site of a particular trading system or automated trading system. Going to the official site you can indemnify whether this website is legit or not. And there is also would be one or several testimonial videos on this site. With this also you can detect a scam software or a legit software.

Know Who Is Owner?

This is crucial to know who is the owner of that particular system. Watch the official testimonials video; you will see the owner. See if the owner of the software if transparent. For that you can check his identity on Google, a social profile such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin And much more. Wikipedia also can help to find your software’s owner if he really exists. But if you find him no longer exist on those sites then there is cent percent assurance your automated trading software or brokerage is a scam.

Binary Options Scam List - Who is Owner

Did They Mention How It Works?

Making trading solution is not that easy thing. A reliable trading system can explain about their trading method and how it works. Scammers won’t be able to describe how is actually works. If you found there is no proper explanation about their software, then it is a hint to be a scam software or trading system.

Who are the related broker!!

This is also crucial to know the associated brokers. If you find everything good is your trading system, and the linked brokers are not licensed then your trading can be harmful. So, in this case, you have to find out which broker is linked and make sure if they are licensed or regulated broker. Because broker also plays the key role in your trading success.

Binary Options Scam List - Reliable Broker

Testimonials Video:

Seeing the testimonial video, you can find out many dramatical errors of your trading system. Most of the trading sites contain testimonials videos, and you will be able to find out many fake reviews, luxurious show-off, fake testimonials by fake actors, showing bank checks, unpredictable earning or many things that would lure freshers to join their scam plane. Testimonials are the main portion where you can find a bunch of list of scam attempts. So, if you want to review your targetted trading system then never forget to check it’s testimonials video.

Binary Options Scam List - Testimonial Videos

Check when your trading software is established?

By checking website established date you can find out if your system is a scam or legit. This is also the important fact that you need to know because if the founder says their system is performing for years with good feedback, then you can easily catch them. To know websites establish date you can go to or With this site, you will come to when your trading software/site is created.

Binary Options Scam List - Who is

Check Binary Options Scams List below:

So, it is necessary to review on your trading system. Your hard-earn money should be invested on a reliable system or broker or software. To make your trading more neat, below I will give you a list of scammers. So that, you can avoid those sort listed scammers.

List of scam software that you should not invest:

  1. Dream Catcher
  2. Insured Trading App
  3. Terabit Trader
  4. Push Money App
  5. IC Market
  6. BitCoin Money Machine
  7. Ten Fold Finance
  8. Mobile Binary Code


So, now you have come to know how important is to review on your trading system. There are like never ending list of scam automated trading software in binary options trading. Above I have given 30 software, those are more than a scam. So that, you can avoid them quickly from your wishlist. If your trading software is not on the list of scam and you want to know whether is a scam or not then I have given you the idea to rectify scammers or else you can leave a comment to identify any scam system.


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