Binary 5 Review – Is Scam Free Software or Unreliable? Find Out!!

Binary 5 is another scam software that has been going around. Yes, you heard it right! Binary 5 is new scam software claiming to be the auto trading software. This new software looks like a legit system with all the information provided on their official website But let me tell you, Binary 5 is nothing but a complete scam system that has been developed to attract the innocent people in joining their scam software. Check Binary 5 review below.

So, folks as with the rise of scam systems in today’s internet world, it has also increased the high risk of investing in any system. So, In this article, I will be exposing all the facts behind this too good to be the legit system. So, I would recommend you to read the whole Binary 5 Review of this scam software before taking any further actions of investing your hard earned money here.

Binary 5 Review – Is Scam Software or Legit?

Binary 5 Review


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Binary 5 is said to be a new automated trading software that will help you trade with the right signals. This new system claims of daily trade potentiality of $1000 and also claims of 81 percent winning rates. All these suspicious facts have been encountered while investigating the system that appears to be legit. It also claims that the software offers more than 100 assets for trading as well as more than 25 successful trades per day.

While investigating the software, there are other various features that seem to be genuine but they are just posted randomly to make the website look genuine so that new traders or even the experienced traders get convince of joining the software in just a blink of an eye. Therefore, to be on the safer side, we have listed all the doubtful facts below so that you are not the victim to these scammers.

How is Binary 5 a SCAM?

As I have mentioned earlier that Binary 5 has several features that contain full of lies but as these scammers are aware of the current scam system around and due to fear of being blacklisted, these developers have created well just to make the system look genuine. So, here are some of the scam features that everything you need to know.

How is Binary 5 a SCAM

What Makes the System Unreliable is – No Video Testimonials!

While investigating the software, we have come across there were no video testimonials of the system and there was no detailed information has been found so as to conclude Binary 5 as legit. This evidence proves that Binary 5 is a scam and cannot be trusted.

Fake Results Shows all WIN! 

While going through the website of Binary 5, we have also come across the system showing the live results of its users that exactly appears to be legit. These live results are shown only to convince the new traders to drive towards joining their scam software. And what is more interesting about this live results as shown in the page are all WIN which is impossible to happen. This evidence of fake results shown also proves that Binary 5 is a scam and not reliable.

Fake Results Shows all WIN

Binary 5 Software Shows How It all Works? 

While investigating the software, we have also come across that Binary 5 tries their best to show how their system works so that any traders get convinced of joining into their trap. It shows off the process and strategy how this system works and claims that the system’s methodology is based on the historical analysis and also real trading knowledge. All these claims are all lies to the best although it gives you a misleading information of 81 percent winning rates and more than $1000 potential trades daily. Let me tell you, this system is busted as it claims to be. Therefore, it is worth to stay far from this scam system.

Binary 5 Software Shows How It all Works

Most of the scam system make use of the fake counters of profit in order to lure the innocent people while Binary 5 software uses some sort of unexceptional widget that shows of claiming some false numbers. Well, these numbers are nothing but a generated numbers programmed for counts for the people to visit the website. And there are no relevant prove of any beta testers profits after using this fraudulent system. So, be careful and read the complete review and avoid this scam system.

Customer Care Support

Customer Care Support – Unresponsive!

If you visit the software of Binary 5 at its official page of, you will find only the lies because as they claims of providing 24/7 customer support and also claims that they don’t take any day leave for the sake of customer’s satisfaction and needs. But these claims are fake, and this customer care is busted and unresponsive. So, how can we just trust blindly to such scam system that seems to offer unreliable deals that contain full of misleading information and also false promises? Let me tell you, Binary 5 software is not at all recommendable as it seems to be true and must stay away.

Binary 5 is BUSTED

Final Words – Binary 5 is BUSTED and Unreliable!

Well, the above mention details regarding this scam system along with its proof of evidence are enough to understand that Binary 5 is a 100% proven scam and not at all recommendable for trading. All the details provided into their website seems to proven but they are all fake, and there are many impossibilities facts within the software that appear to prove you as a legit system. Therefore, we would recommend you to avoid this busted system and can opt for the proven and trusted Binary Options trading platform other than losing your hard earned money with this scam software called Binary 5.

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